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Postby BJG145 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:54 pm

I like the sounds produced by the new HMMPatternGenerator, released a couple of days ago as one of the highlights of Kyma 7.25. ... generator/

It creates automatic evolving variations on MIDI files. I was wondering if there was anything similar for Windows...? I wouldn't expect it to work the same way as this, of course, though the approach taken here sounds quite intriguing.

If each event in the original MIDI file is completely unique, then there is only one path through the sequence — the generated sequence is the same as the original MIDI sequence. Things start to get interesting when some of the events are, in some way, equivalent to others (for example, when events of the same pitch and duration appear more than once in the file).

HMMPatternGenerator uses equivalent events as pivot points — decision points at which it can choose to take an alternate path through the original sequence (the proverbial “fork in the road”). No doubt you’re familiar with using a common chord to pivot to another key; now imagine using a common state to pivot to a whole new section of a MIDI file or, if you give HMMPatternGenerator several MIDI files, from one genre to another.
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