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Help needed with live event recording..

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Help needed with live event recording..

Postby Scorpio-X » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:14 pm


We would like some help with an audio recording which was recorded at a live event. The actual audio we need correcting is part of a DJ set and the recording has some audio dropouts, glitches and clipping within the audio file. So we have tried the following in order to repair the parts in the audio track with the following method but it does not work:

Where there are issues, at the exact points in audio we have replayed the track on one Pioneer CDJ and on the other CDJ we have synced the original source event audio to get the correct BPM.

We then record the original source track once synced in order to replace it in the event recording but despite being synced the actual recorded length compared to the event audio is out by a few milliseconds leaving a slight gap or an overlap when we paste and mix it into the event audio.

The software we are using to edit this audio is Soundforge 11 which is not a multi track audio editor.

I remember going to a recording studio some years ago and seen a much easier solution where the engineer SIMPLY moved and stretched the audio in place to match and replace an audio section.

If anyone can recommend this easier solution and an ideally FREE audio editor that we can use for this quick process that would be much appreciated.

Again, we have Soundforge 11 and Audacity installed on our PC right now but neither seems suitable.

Thanks in advance..
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Re: Help needed with live event recording..

Postby MOF » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:12 pm

Why don’t you use Audacity or Soundforge to record the replacement parts and then splice those parts in to the main file, edit at transient points.
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