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Help needed with PreSonus StudioLive S3 mixer and StudioOne.

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Help needed with PreSonus StudioLive S3 mixer and StudioOne.

Postby bunker » Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:16 am

I’ve just got a Presonus StudioLive series III desk but I’m having a very frustrating time trying to get it working with StudioOne, to the point that at the moment I can’t even listen back to any of my songs. I’ve downloaded the latest firmware for the mixer, the latest version of Universal Control, installed the latest version of S1 pro but I’m seemingly falling at the first hurdle.

I’ve got the Ethernet cable running from the desk to my iMac, USB likewise and when I press UCNET I should be able to select StudioOne in the drop down menu, except it isn’t listed? Only ProTools and Mackie formats are listed? On one of the Presonus videos I’m could swear they say you can go directly from the network port on a computer to the desk without having to go through a router. Issue I have is that my IMac WiFi doesn’t work so I use an network cable into a port of my router for internet. So if I plug the desk into the router too how can I access it from the Mac? Vids show the guy selecting the desk from his WiFi options drop down which, because my WiFi doesn’t work, I can’t access… but both devices are connected at the router so why do I need to involve WiFi?.

Surely I can just connect directly from the desk to Mac with the supplied cable? I’ve swapped cables but still no joy. Sorry, networks etc aren’t my thing as you can guess…give me a vintage synth and my tools and I’m :smiley:

I hope someone can help…I’m gutted I can’t get my new and pricey investment doing the seemingly basic stuff. Which makes me sad.

Edit. On their website DAW mode video they clearly state you can plug the mixer directly into the computer.
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