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Need software drum sequencer advice

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Need software drum sequencer advice

Postby Chepada » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:09 am

Newbie here. So I am a drummer and not a huge fan of drum machines or sequencers. However you can’t really deny their usefulness. I have been enjoying working with Boom which is the free one with Pro Tools. The sounds are sort of cheap sounding to my ears and I would much rather be able to add drum sounds that I like or even my own kit sounds. The main thing I really like about Boom is how easy it is to create sequences from scratch and how simple it is to add to my mix.
Would anyone have suggestions for a better plug in than book with the ability to add better drum sounds. I also own edrummer from toontracks thinking I was buying a sequencer but I think it is just stock beats that you can mix together and use. I want to make my own grooves.
Thanks for the help.
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Re: Need software drum sequencer advice

Postby CS70 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:17 pm

Most if not all dedicated software drums can be made to work I guess. Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer, EZDrummer, you name it.

As with DAWs, if someone has learned and uses a specific one, they will give their enthusiastic opinion, so I take a slightly different angle.

Some time ago I was looking to buy an effective and good sounding software drum package to use for demo. Wanted easy, quick to work with so it doesn’t get too much in the way of inspiration, and not crazy expensive.

I’m not a drummer so I wasn’t planning of doing much programming at all, mostly tweak existing loops as jamming with drums is one of my ways to create new music.

After looking at lots of different packages, I bought EZDrummer 2 and very happy with it. It has enough loops to keep me happy and loads of cheap packages online if I need more.

I really haven’t learned much about it, I just use it, which was a bit the point.
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Re: Need software drum sequencer advice

Postby The Elf » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:53 pm

As you're a drummer you should find programming your own drum patterns easier than most. With that in mind I would just opt for a more MIDI-friendly DAW than Pro Tools - no plug-in necessary.

Then add a sample player (which will let you use your own drum sounds when you're ready for that) and a collection of drum samples - of which there are plenty all over the internet. There are plenty of choices out there, so check out a few DAWs and see what takes your fancy.
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Re: Need software drum sequencer advice

Postby BJG145 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:49 pm

...ay, in terms of drum sounds/programming, the programs CS70 mentions regularly feature in top 10 lists, and have gazillions of sample packs; there are also plenty of others.

In terms of arranging your sounds, you could simply program the MIDI parts directly into the DAW; as Elf says, you might find some DAWs easier than others in this respect. (IIRC this is partly because, historically, some began with audio and added MIDI, like Pro Tools, while others began with MIDI and added audio, like Cubase, though they all cover fairly similar areas nowadays.)

You'll also find 'pattern sequencer' plugins that can run within the DAW and trigger your samples wherever they are. Again, there are loads.

(If you can actually play drums, I'd have thought you might also want to pick up a MIDI device to record with; could be anything from a Roland V-Drums kit to a McMillen BopPad.)
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