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Windows Audio Problems: Please Help!

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Windows Audio Problems: Please Help!

Postby Frinty Mesh » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:19 pm

Note: If this post would be better suited in a different sub forum, please let me know.

Yesterday, I started experiencing some very unusual popping/clicking. These sounds occurred on any application that did not use ASIO (e.g., Google Chrome, Spotify, etc.), but did not occur on any ASIO driver. Because of this, I determined that the problem must be related to Windows Audio and probably not my Scarlett interface directly.
I tried the basics - un/replugging my interface, power cycling my computer, changing the settings on Windows Audio. No effect.
I think the problem is related to the audio buffer because the clicking sound always occurs at a regular interval. The speed at which the clicking happens changes depending on whether I use a virtual cable program called ASIO Link (to record the audio). ... ou0xVlpmOz
Here is a link to the sound. Although the process of recording added the repeats in the sound (they are not present in the original audio played), I think this can help indicate the source of the problem.
Included is also a re-recording as a further example of what is happening to the audio.
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