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Anyone with FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra or Syncrosoft USB Dongle please help me

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Anyone with FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra or Syncrosoft USB Dongle please help me

Postby DonGoliath » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:27 pm


anyone having the FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra ( already installed or willing to install it (you'll need a Syncrosoft/Cubase USB dongle) would be so cool to multi-sample (dry hence with no FX at all please) the tutti staccatos and sustains and then upload the multi-samples? i do not have a USB dongle so i can not use this great and free product but if someone would be so cool to provide me (and all others reading this thread of course too) we could import the multi-samples into our sampler of choice and then still use it for free (without buying a USB dongle). ok, fingers crossed someone might be so great to do this! cheers!

ps: i m not sure how they set this product up as i understood there is only one patch (with tuttis) but if they might have split up sections and there might be a low brass section on its own then it would be much appreciated to multi-sample the stacattos and sustains of the low brass section as well
pps: i m neither not sure if there might be different mic options in it. if that is the case it would be even more cool to multi-sample each mic on its own so we can mix the different mics as we need to. this would of course double/triple (depending on how many mics they offer) the ammount of sampling work/time though :(.
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Re: Anyone with FREE VSL Big Boom Orchestra or Syncrosoft USB Dongle please help me

Postby Eddy Deegan » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:58 pm

Erm, that's a big "NO!"

From their licensing terms (in German, but I've translated the relevant bit)

VSL Licensing wrote:Can my composition partner, colleague or friend use these sounds or the software as soon as I have licensed them? Can a group of people buy the product and share it?

NO, every person who uses the sounds or software must purchase their own license and thus their own product. The use of the sounds or the software by someone other than the licensee is unlawful and can result in legal measures against all parties involved and their customers!

The fact they offer the download at no price to existing license-holders is nice of them but the price (or lack thereof) is irrelevant. It's the fact that it requires a license to use that counts.

I would also gently point to the Sound On Sound Forum rules which include:

  • Copyright material must not be posted unless it is owned either by you or by this web site.
  • No links are permitted to web sites offering pirate/cracked/illegal software or illicit music and/or video downloads and anyone found to have posted such a link will have their SOS Forum access withdrawn
  • Requests for links to, or support for, pirated/cracked software are expressly forbidden. Offending posts will be removed and persistent offenders risk being banned from the forums. SOS reserves the right to report the IP address of persistent offenders to copyright owners and/or FAST.
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