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Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

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Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby Dolmetscher007 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:00 am

I am creating some software educational videos. I need to record my computer screen as I demonstrate how to use a program and do a voice-over narration at the same time. It is proving to be much more difficult than I originally thought, because I end up mis-speaking, or including too many "uhmmms" or heavy breaths. Also, you can hear my mouse click and each keystroke of my keyboard when I type.

What I've been doing is recording my screen using QuickTime Player's <File > New Screen Recording> feature, and then quickly triggering Logic Pro X to capture the audio using an overhead shotgun mic. I do also have access to other screen capturing software such as TechSmith's Camtasia. That application lets me record audio and video at the same time in the same program, but it's audio editing options are a joke. So I still end up having to polish up the audio in Logic Pro X. I remove all my verbal mistakes... cut the audio so that it flows nicer... and most importantly, I use the native Logic Pro Expander plugin, the Channel EQ as well as the Noise Gate plugin, to get it all sounding fantastic!!! Then I bounce the audio down to a .wav file.

Then, however, I have to import the QuickTime .mov file into Final Cut Pro X... import the .wav audio file as well... and then, I have to go through the whole damn thing... AGAIN... and cut the video so that my mouse movements and such match the audio. Each segment I'm doing can be anywhere from 10-35 min. long, and I have 56 of these segments to do, and I am under a very tight deadline. I've done 3-4 segments using the method I've described here, and I have to tell you... it has taken me ~3 hours to produce ~15 min. of final content.

What would be absolutely ideal, if I could import both the audio and the video into Logic Pro X, which... I have done before, so I know it's possible. But... if I cut the audio region, and trim out 2-3 seconds here and there... or chop out a huge 15 second chunk of audio where I messed up... if it could also cut the video, and remove those video frames too. That way... when I'm done with the audio... I'd also be done with the video.

Can anyone think of something I am missing? I feel like there must be a better way of doing this!
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Re: Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby Mike Stranks » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:15 am

Two possible options I would use:

1) Run the demo without any narration and get it just as you want. Then script and record your narration while watching the video. You can then edit out any fluffs and subsequently bring the audio and video back together. Sync the audio to the video by leaving gaps as appropriate.

2) Simple heavy-breaths etc could just be attenuated. A fluff that needs an edit should be treated as retake of both audio and video.

Other comments:

If you're picking up lots of keyboard clatter then I'd be looking at having another look at how you're recording the narration. If you're having to edit because of keyboard noise you're giving yourself unnecessary work.

Don't be too fussy about sound-quality. It's not an album! As long it's intelligible without distracting noises-off that'll be acceptable. People will be concentrating on what they're seeing.

I don't know your software, but my video editor comes with separate, linked, audio processing tools. It's easy to jump out of the combined take and fiddle with the audio and then bring it back in again seamlessly.

'Live' video is even harder than live audio - especially without a script. There are very few who've taken to it quickly. People I know who do lots of straight to camera YouTube stuff say it took them many failed attempts over some time to get proficient.

A good rule of thumb for video production is that 1 min of completed video takes 1 hour of prep/editing work etc to complete.
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Re: Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby Mike Stranks » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:15 am

Further thought...

My son in law is a freelance trainer in how to use software packages. He's increasingly having to develop all-in-one packages that don't require his physical presence - for obvious reasons.

His technique is much as I've outlined. The only difference is that because he's selling his wares he often uses someone with a good voice-over/commentary voice to do the explaining stuff. He writes the script in what are basically sections for each screen. (The script is very clearly delineated and marked as to what section goes with what screen.) For his 'high-value' work I sometimes record the 'voice' and do the post production work of editing fluffs, noises-off etc. I then break the audio into multiple (often 100-250) separate audio clips which he then aligns with the respective video clips.

(I've never seen a completed video! :) )
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Re: Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:28 am

Three hours to produce a high quality video doesn't sound a bad ratio to me at all -- coming from the pro-broadcast world.

But I think Mike has offered a lot of very good advice above.

Personally, I'd treat the voice recording made during the screen-grab demo purely as a guide track.

Edit the video to length as required. Update the voice script. Then re-record the voice so that you can concentrate only on your delivery, and free of keyboard and mouse clicks etc.

A couple of retakes for fluffs maybe. Trim, tweak, and you're done.
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Re: Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby desmond » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:17 am

I agree with the above advice.

I'd use Screenflow to record the initial stuff (it tracks the mouse separately and gives good editing options).

I'd concentrate on doing the screen work efficiently, and if you can't do it alongside to a VO script you'd pre-written for each part (as you discovered, this can be much more tricky than you'd think), then I'd do as Hugh suggests which is to record a guide VO track for editing purpose, then redo the commentary from your script/guide part when you're not also trying to perform the screen actions.

Be careful with your visual editing too, otherwise you start cutting out mouse activity and it can be hard to follow along with what's happening. Things like Screenflow have various options for callouts and highlighting or focusing the mouse, and also display pressed key shortcuts on screen, which are super-helpful - all of which can be edited.
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Re: Need a more efficient way to edit audio for video using Logic Pro X

Postby blinddrew » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:35 pm

Just another +1 for using the original recording as a timing guide and then re-recording the vocal separately. It's then easy to drop the original soundtrack in FCPX and then cut the overdub up as required.
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