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Re: Then and Now

Postby Arpangel » Fri Nov 27, 2020 9:10 am

Stephen Bennett wrote:Here's the photo for those who missed it ...



Was the chunk of wood on top of the piano used for fighting off "Punks Against Prog"

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Re: Then and Now

Postby The Elf » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:21 am

Arpangel wrote:Was the chunk of wood on top of the piano used for fighting off "Punks Against Prog"
When I met Rick a couple of years back I asked him about that piece of wood. If only I could remember the answer... :headbang:
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Re: Then and Now

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:13 am

Could it be for jamming the sustain pedal down on the piano?
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Re: Then and Now

Postby SecretSam » Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:48 pm

That's far too sensible a suggestion.

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Re: Then and Now

Postby baward » Sat Nov 28, 2020 2:25 pm

jjlonbass wrote:
MOF wrote:
I reckon I can identify 95% of classic synths from just a quick shot of the side/end plate shape. That was pretty much all I did watching Top of the Pops for years... :crazy: :lol:
I hope you didn’t buy any of them thinking “so that’s what they used on the record”, I’m pretty sure that gear was hired without any consultation with the artists, many a time I’ve heard grand pianos coming out of electric pianos etc. :lol:

Having recently re-watched various Top of the Pops episodes from 1979 and 1980, I noticed that many acts were apparently playing Yamaha CS-80s with the name of the hire company on prominent display. Usually, the sounds on the song were not very CS-80 like.
Ones that spring to mind are Rupert Hine with Quantum Jump playing "The Lone Ranger", Ron Mael with Sparks playing "The Number One Song In Heaven" and John Foxx's "Underpass" featuring no less than three CS-80s.


Ah, the Maurice Plaquet Effect (that might be obvious to some). I do remember seeing a Korg PS-3300 (the big one) balanced on top of a Fender Rhodes, which I thought was pretty scary - though undeniably impressive.
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