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Help for a friend

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Re: Help for a friend

Postby James Perrett » Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:09 pm

I'd agree with Rich - remove the device in Device Manager and then, next time the mixer is connected, allow Windows to reinstall the driver.
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Re: Help for a friend

Postby CS70 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:17 pm

ConcertinaChap wrote:Hi James. You've confirmed what I thought, which would suggest my friend's problem stems from he did the W10 "upgrade" which shafted in some way the inbuilt class-compliant drivers. My friend now reports:

I've now uninstalled ASIO4all as there are number of critics of it and installed Flex ASIO which was recommended. That at least gives me input from the interface but still insists on routing playback through the inbuilt speakers. That at least gives me a working solution for most of my needs, but it's not ideal as I don't then have direct monitoring and have much less control over levels than I previously had.

So that takes the urgency out of the situation a little but it's still not ideal. Assuming my hypothesis is correct and the W10 update is responsible for buggering things up (Mac technical term there, sorry) is there any way of repairing the class-compliant driver?

Thanks everyone for the responses so far, BTW, much appreciated by both of us.


I will never understand why people installs stuff that they don't know what is. :D

Again, it's all very simple if one stops to think a second. There's one or more sound devices, and one of them must be set as default in Sound Settings, and that's they one which Windows will use by default. Right now it's set to the built-in speakers (i.e. internal soundcard).

Your friend has to simply stop installing stuff :-) and post a screenshot of his Device Manager so we can tell what hardware he actually has in his machine, and what to delete (so that windows can automatically reinstall).

He could also try to open a command window and run SFC /scannow and see what happens, most likely the USB drivers are corrupted due to a memory fault or, most often, use error - like turning off the PC ungracefully.
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