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Roland FA-06 Workstation

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Re: Roland FA-06 Workstation

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:30 am

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to add my two cents' worth with regard to the FA-06. Very reasonable price tag for a synth workstation that can do everything this one can. My only two caveats with it have to do with its sample editing and real-time editing limitations, otherwise I think it's a really great user friendly workstation. I also like the fact that its very light and portable with a large color LCD screen.

Its a shame that Roland didn't want to provide the FA-06/07/08 with full-fledged sample editing.

Unfortunately, FA-06 sample editing is limited to start time, end time, truncate and volume. There is no way to pan your sample left or right, and no way to map out a sample on the keyboard. Accessing track 16 in the sequencer will allow you to play your samples on the keyboard, but each sample will be limited to one note only, and you can't add effects or equalization to it in your mix. There is no way to convert your sample into a tone for further editing (a 'tone' is Roland's term for a patch or program in the Fa-06/07/08).

Of course, if you're not that into sample editing, then this shouldn't be any problem.

Now for the second caveat. Real-time editing using the sound modify knobs cannot be saved along with your sequence. That means that as soon as you move those knobs again, you've lost your previous song editing - and good luck trying to recapture it. And don't try resampling your recorded performance in the FA to prevent losing the previous sound modifications you made in your song - those modifications will only last until you power off or turn those knobs again. To me, that was a total deal-breaker, which prompted me to go out and buy a used Fantom G from a Guitar Center store.

With regard to the lettering being difficult to read on the FA workstation itself, it does seem almost invisible at times depending on the angle and lighting. But Roland does provide a pre-cut plastic overlay that fits perfectly over the FA-s control panels, which makes the lettering much more visible (silvery-white font over solid black).

Best to all,

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