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Transcribing vocal melodies

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Re: Transcribing vocal melodies

Postby CS70 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:50 pm

The Elf wrote:You're over-thinking it, mate!

Listen to the melody and copy it on the piano keys until it sounds right. Job done!

I've been transcribing stuff since I started playing guitar (around 30 years ago) but I still find that that's simple for easy tunes, but can be a hard for anything a little more advanced. We (I,
at least) tend to hear what we feel is there rather than what it is, especially at speed. Lots of Mozart stuff is that way! A slowdown device is very useful for these (and can be bloody painful to detach your mind from what it wants to hear).

Ymmv of course. Maybe it's just me. :)
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