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RIP: Notes From The Deadline

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Re: RIP: Notes From The Deadline

Postby Dynamic Mike » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:49 am

I'll miss Notes From The Deadline, it was one of the few columns you could share with people who wouldn't ordinarily be interested in the rest of the magazine.

I tend to buy the mag now only when I know I'll have time to read it (which is probably every other month) or if there's something I'm specifically interested in buying.

I think the mag has become a bit boring & predictable over the last few years, but I wonder whether that isn't because music tech in general has become evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I think it must be a real problem for the people writing the reviews, as often it's only the personal touches & writing styles that keep the articles interesting. New products & software aside how do they know where to begin? Do you pitch a review of Cubase 9 to someone with Cubase 8.5 or to someone who's never used Cubase & wonders if it might be the DAW for them? Seems to me either way you risk excluding half your potential audience.

Having said that, I read this month's mag from cover to cover...
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