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Eurorack, more addictive than Hobnobs.

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Re: Eurorack, more addictive than Hobnobs.

Postby Arpangel » Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:57 am

Ben Asaro wrote:
Arpangel wrote:
Hugh Robjohns wrote:Ah... you boys and your Eurorack pluggery... you'll be making no more bleeps and bloops after Oct 31st when it all stops working... :lol: :bouncy: :D

It won't affect me, I got rid of it all!
I just couldn't make that final commitment to Eurorack, a beard, a fixed wheel bike, and a flat in Dalston....

:) :D :blush:
I was talking to a friend the other day, and said, "Oh no! I'm drinking craft beer whilst playing a modular synth, and I live in Brooklyn .... I think I'm a hipster!!" :D

Ha Ha! Yes, I try not to stereotype, but I must admit, sometimes it's difficult, and I see it in myself!
That shouldn't affect our buying/equipment choices I know, but I'm sort of thinking, well, if I use this I'll stand a good chance of sounding like so-and-so, so I'll change my mind and get something else!
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