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Guitar Technology

Whilst many people still think of SOUND ON SOUND as only covering synthesizers, keyboards and computer software, regular readers over the past 38 years will know that we include frequent coverage of a heck of a lot of Guitar Technology products — including Guitar Amp Modellers, Guitar Pedals, Guitar Combos, Speakers, Pickups, Guitar Accessories plus Guitar-related Techniques workshops on how to mike-up a guitar cab, and such-like.

You will find all of these gathered below and on subsequent screen pages. Use the sidebar Filters and grey buttons above to find the content you are most interested in.

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    DIY Effects Pedals

    Building Your Own Stompboxes

    Making your own pedals can be a lot cheaper than buying them — and with many of the self‑build kits now available, you won’t even need a deep knowledge of electronics.

    Techniques Apr 2024
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    Paul White

    Sound Design Using Guitars | Podcast

    Creating Electronic Music

    Paul White takes us on a sonic journey as he explores the endless possibilities of sound design using a guitar as your sound source.

    Techniques Jun 2023
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    How I Got That Sound: Leo Abrahams

    Leo Abrahams ‘Harm Organ’

    Asked to choose a favourite sound to dissect, Leo nominated the track ‘Harm Organ’ from his 2021 solo album, Scene Memory 2.

    Techniques Apr 2023
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    Paul White

    Amp Modelling | Podcast

    Getting the best out of Amp Simulation software

    Paul White explains how to get the best out of Amp Simulation software, from achieving a good guitar input signal, setting up effective monitoring for encouraging the best performance and tips on obtaining the desired end-effect.

    Techniques Mar 2023
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    Mark Mynett - Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University

    Recording Guitar | Podcast

    Pro Techniques Explained

    Mark Mynett, Sound Engineer and Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production, talks us through the setup and...

    Techniques Oct 2022
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    Colin Cartmell: Making Great Guitar Cab IRs

    Roll Your Own Impulse Responses

    Colin Cartmell’s decades‑long tonequest has led him to create some of the best guitar cabinet IRs out there — so we asked him for advice on how to roll your own.

    Techniques Sep 2022
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    Digital Performer: Guitar Amp Impulse Responses

    MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

    DP's ProVerb offers an easy way to experiment with guitar amp impulse responses.

    Techniques Jun 2022
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    Using Guitar Pedals In Parallel

    Practical Tips & Techniques

    Parallel processing while mixing is a common technique — so why not try it with your pedals when recording?

    Techniques Jan 2022
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    Tackling Tone Suck

    Make Guitars Sound Great Again!

    Does your guitar sound dull and lacklustre through your pedalboard? Here’s how to side‑step the tone‑suck trap.

    Techniques Nov 2021
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    Setting Up Guitar: DIY Maintenance Tips

    Don't Let A Poor Setup Ruin Your Recordings!

    Could a poorly set‑up guitar be compromising your recordings?

    Techniques Feb 2021
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    Creative Uses For Amp Simulators

    Outside The Box

    Used right, amp modelling plug‑ins can sound almost like the real thing. But it's much more fun to use them wrong!

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    Guitar To MIDI Explored

    So, how do you get a guitar to generate MIDI?

    Techniques Apr 2020
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