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Guitar Technology

Includes Guitar Amp Modellers, Guitar Combos, Speakers, Pickups, Guitar Accessories plus Guitar-related Techniques/Tips.

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    Audio Kitchen Fake Plastic Trees

    Analogue Guitar Amp Emulation Pedal

    This solid state homage to the line output section of The Big Trees is an amplifier‑style preamp pedal that can be set anywhere from a nicely rounded clean tone to convincing valve‑amp‑style break up.

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    Audio Kitchen The Big Trees

    Pedal Valve Amp & Processor

    To say that the guitar pedal market is saturated would be a grand understatement: it's hard to fathom how a newcomer could...

    Reviews May 2013
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    Audio Kitchen Little Chopper.

    Audio Kitchen Little Chopper

    Valve Guitar Amp Head

    The Little Chopper is a boutique, 7W amp head, with a variable power control which allows the user to achieve their desired sound at manageable levels.

    Reviews Apr 2013
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