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Guitar Technology

Includes Guitar Amp Modellers, Guitar Combos, Speakers, Pickups, Guitar Accessories plus Guitar-related Techniques/Tips.

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    Paul White with Roland GR-500 and Transcendent 2000.

    Guitar Synthesizers

    A Personal Journey

    SOS's Paul White has been fascinated by guitar synthesizers ever since he first encountered one and has owned or tested most models over the decades. Here's his story...

    Sound Advice Oct 2019
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    Q. Can I get rid of string buzz?

    I've got a recording of an acoustic guitar that I'm loath to re‑record, but there are several sections in which string buzz is...

    Sound Advice Feb 2011
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    Guitar Re-amping

    Quick Tips

    With the massive strides software has made in recent years, there are now more ways to record the electric guitar...

    Sound Advice Dec 2007
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    Q. What's the best way to connect my guitar to my soundcard?

    I am a regular reader and consider myself fairly well informed, but I'm struggling to find the answer to a really simple...

    Sound Advice Sep 2006
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    Minimising Noise In Electric Guitar Rigs

    Guitar Technology

    Electrical noise — hiss, buzz and hum — is something that plagues every electric guitarist to some degree, but noise comes in a variety of forms and it is important to establish exactly which kind(s) you are experiencing in order to devise an appropriate solution.

    Sound Advice Aug 2006
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    Q. What are the correct input impedances for Guitars and Mics?

    I bought a Boss guitar effects processor the other day and noticed that the guitar sounds a lot better through it than it does just straight into my mixer. Also, could the sound from my mic be similarly improved by getting a stand-alone voice channel for it, rather than just putting it through the mixer?

    Sound Advice Oct 2004
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    Q. How can I stop my guitar buzzing?

    I am having serious earthing problems which are making it difficult for me to record a clean guitar sound. All my leads are good, and I don't have this problem with any of my other equipment — just the guitar stuff. Could it be a problem with my domestic mains supply?

    Sound Advice Sep 2004
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