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Guitar Technology

Includes Guitar Amp Modellers, Guitar Combos, Speakers, Pickups, Guitar Accessories plus Guitar-related Techniques/Tips.

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    Melda Production MCabinet

    Guitar Cabinet Emulation Plug‑in

    Melda's novel approach to cab emulation frees you from the confines of convolution.

    Reviews Jul 2020
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    Softube Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

    Amp-modelling Plug-in

    Originally developed for the UAD platform and available now in native format, this plug-in's modelled signal chain includes a period-correct Marshall 4x12 and miking courtesy of UK engineer Tony Platt.

    Reviews May 2020
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    Softube and Marshall's modelled Kerry King Signature Amp.

    Softube & Marshall rock amp emulations

    Softube model Marshall's 1959 Plexi Super Lead and Kerry King Signature ampfliers

    Modelling specialists Softube have teamed up with amp manufacturers Marshall to model two classic — yet very different — guitar amps!

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    IK's Axe I/O Solo interface.

    IK go for the guitarists

    Guitar tech the focus again at NAMM show, together with affordable I/O and studio modelling

    IK Multimedia's latest products include several aimed at guitarists, a super-affordable compact audio interface, and a modelled studio reverb.

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    UAD v9.11.0 features model of Sonnox software and Diezel and Avalon hardware.

    New in UAD v9.11.0...

    Latest upgrade adds more classic hardware and software models

    Universal Audio’s UAD v9.11.0 upgrade includes a modelled de-esser, valve amp and a well-regarded classic channel strip...

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