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Competition form problem.

We are aware that some people get an error message saying 'Unable to work out which competition you are entering'.

This can happen if you have not accepted our web site cookies and they are blocked. We have to use a cookie to temporarily store the data you are entering and link it to the database for that particular competition. There is nothing malicious going on it's just the way the web technology works.

Please try the following:
1. Make sure the version of your browser is up to date.
2. Clear your browser Cache and Cookies. Quit the browser completely, and then re-launch it.
3. Go to the SOS site home page at You should see a Cookie Control pop-up appear in the bottom right-corner of the web page. Click the green button labelled 'I am happy with this'. If you miss the pop-up it will have minimized into the corner and become an orange triangle. Click on the triangle to make the pop-up re-appear.
4. Once you have accepted the cookie go to the competition you wish to enter.

If this still fails to work please try using a different browser or submit the url using this form.

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