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Immersive Audio

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    Atmos-capable DAWs

    Spotlight Round-up

    Want to mix in Atmos? We take a look at compatible DAWs.

    Reviews Nov 2023
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    Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos Composer

    Immersive Mixing Software

    Now you can create Atmos mixes using any DAW! But that’s not all this app has to offer...

    Reviews . Sep 2023
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    PSP auralComp

    Immersive Audio Compressor Plug-in

    Intuitive and powerful, this compressor can handle anything from mono up to 7.1.4 Atmos sources.

    Reviews . Sep 2023
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    Sound Particles SkyDust 3D

    Software Synthesizer

    Sound Particles have placed 3D audio at the heart of their new soft synth.

    Reviews Jul 2023
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    Sonarworks SoundID Reference For Multichannel

    Monitor Correction System

    Sonarworks’ SoundID has improved stereo monitoring in countless studios worldwide. The new multi‑channel version is designed to do the same for immersive audio.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Waves Spherix

    Compressor & Limiter Plug-in

    Designed from the ground up for processing multi‑channel Atmos sources, Spherix boasts some innovative and useful features.

    Reviews Feb 2023
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    NUGEN Audio Halo Vision

    Analysis Plug-in For Stereo & Immersive Formats

    A good real‑time analyser can draw attention to what our ears miss, and with multi‑channel formats that second opinion can be invaluable.

    Reviews Dec 2022
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    Embody IVS Alan Meyerson Edition

    Virtual Control Room Software

    Embody’s Immerse Virtual Studio aims to replicate loudspeaker listening on headphones — and the newest variant does so in up to 7.1.6 surround.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    Apple Logic Pro 10.7

    Music Production Software

    Could a small step for Logic’s version number represent a giant leap for music production?

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Sound Particles Space Controller

    Smartphone-activated Surround Pan Control Plug-in

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple, intuitive way to place sources in your immersive, surround or binaural soundstage? Well, now there is!

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Embody Immerse Virtual Studio

    Control Room Simulation Plug-in

    Embody offer a unique way to tailor their room‑simulation system to the individual user.

    Reviews May 2021
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    Voyage Audio Spatial Mic

    Second-order Ambisonic Microphone

    This debut mic from Voyage Audio combines the power of Ambisonics with the convenience of direct USB connectivity.

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    Grace Design m908

    Multi-channel Monitor Controller

    Immersive audio is increasingly important, and requires large multi-channel monitoring systems. Grace Design's m908 is intended to provide complete control over such a system.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Genelec S360

    Active Monitors

    Genelec's latest monitor is a flexible beast, designed for the large multi-speaker setups that are needed in VR and immersive audio. But does this versatility come at the expense of its usefulness for conventional music mixing?

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Rode NT-SF1

    Ambisonic Microphone

    Rode’s new Soundfield mic brings the benefits of Ambisonic recording to everyone, whether you’re working with 360‑degree audio or old‑fashioned stereo.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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