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Immersive Audio

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    Studio One: Getting Creative With Dolby Atmos

    PreSonus Studio One: Tips & Techniques

    With Studio One 6.5 you already have all the tools you need to mix in Atmos, so why not give it a go?

    Techniques Feb 2024
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    Sphere Sound - Creating U2:UV

    The Edge, Joe O’Herlihy & Steve Lillywhite

    U2’s residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas is revolutionising live music.

    Techniques Jan 2024
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    Spatial Audio For Live Performance

    In The Round

    Immersive audio is a powerful way of presenting live music — and it’s becoming more and more accessible to independent artists.

    Techniques Sep 2023
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    Mixing Atmos: David Kosten

    Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells - Immersive Mixes

    David Kosten’s first commercial Atmos project was an immersive mix of one of the greatest albums of all time. No pressure...

    Techniques Jul 2023
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    Mastering Spatial Audio

    Michael Romanowski

    Four‑time Grammy winner Michael Romanowski is one of very few people offering mastering services for immersive music.

    Techniques Jun 2023
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    Producing Narration & Dialogue For Virtual Reality & 360° Video

    Immersive Voices

    The buzz around immersive visual media is creating plenty of new opportunities for those who record spoken word for a living. But how do these new jobs differ from traditional ones?

    Techniques Feb 2023
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    Mixing Atmos: Ricardo Bacelar

    Producing With Immersive Audio

    The ultimate one‑man band, Brazilian artist Ricardo Bacelar uses layers of drums, percussion, guitars and keyboards to build up dense immersive mixes.

    Techniques Dec 2022
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    Setting Up An Atmos Mixing Room

    Atmos And You

    Immersive audio is a massive opportunity — if you’re equipped to take it. Here’s what you’ll need to do to make your studio Atmos‑ready.

    Techniques Nov 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Bob Clearmountain

    Next-level Surround

    Can a legendary engineer create immersive audio mixes without giving up his beloved SSL console? Of course he can!

    Techniques Sep 2022
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    Logic Pro: Mixing In Atmos

    Apple Logic Pro Tips & Techniques

    We show you how to get started in the brave new world of Dolby Atmos, using Logic Pro.

    Techniques Jun 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Stan Kybert

    Specialising In Immersive Music

    Taking a chance on immersive music has paid off handsomely for producer Stan Kybert, who has reinvented himself as one of the UK’s busiest Atmos mixers.

    Techniques May 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Andy Bradfield

    Getting To Grips With Dolby Atmos

    Leading mix engineer Andy Bradfield shares some of the lessons he’s learned in getting to grips with Dolby Atmos.

    Techniques Apr 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Greg Wells

    Creating Real-world Dolby Atmos Content

    We talk to the people who are creating real‑world Atmos content, starting with Canadian super‑producer Greg Wells.

    Techniques Mar 2022
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    An Introduction To Immersive Audio

    The SOS Authoritative Guide

    Immersive audio has huge creative potential for music production, but it can be hard to get your head around. Here’s the explanation you’ve been waiting for!

    Techniques Jan 2022
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    Steve Pardo: Creating Rock Band VR

    Immersive Audio For Virtual Reality

    When it comes to making virtual reality convincing, sound has a vital role to play — especially when you’re creating a virtual rock gig!

    Techniques Sep 2017
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    Remixing Depeche Mode In Surround

    Sound Workshop

    The challenge: to remix 10 Depeche Mode albums in surround — while recreating the signature sounds created by the band and some of the worlds greatest producers. As Mute Records Head Engineer Kevin Paul explains, it was never going to be easy!

    Techniques Nov 2007
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