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Immersive Audio

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    Atmos at The Village

    The rise of Kali Audio in the SoCal studio scene

    Kali Audio, based in Burbank, California, was founded at the start of 2018 by some former employees of nearby industry giant...

    Music Business Aug 2023
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    Reinventing Studio 4 at RAK


    What would a modern, immersive studio look like if you had the opportunity to re‑invent it from the ground up? The answer, at least as far as the recently revamped Studio 4 at RAK is concerned, is very different to most people’s idea of what a professional studio looks like.

    Music Business Apr 2023
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    Inside RAK Studios


    In this Sound On Sound exclusive feature video, we explore the former Victorian schoolhouse and meet the people who help RAK maintain its reputation as one of the world’s premier recording venues.

    Music Business Feb 2023
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    Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio

    Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio | Podcast

    A new format in surround sound mixing

    David Gould, Director of Audio Content Solutions at Dolby Labs, talks to Hugh Robjohns about immersive audio and how Dolby Atmos works.

    Music Business Feb 2022
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