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Impulse Response (IR) Libraries

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    Two notes Genome

    Amp, Cab & Effects Modelling Plug-in

    Combining Two notes’ highly respected models and dynamic IR‑based cabinets with support for third‑party machine‑learning amp captures, Genome is brimming with potential.

    Reviews Apr 2024
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    TC Electronic Impulse

    IR-based Speaker Emulation Pedal

    The Impulse pedal can store up to 99 impulse responses and comes ready loaded with some excellent IRs from Celestion’s collection.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    JTC Tones Cyber Driver & Daemon Driver

    Cabinet Impulse Response Libraries

    It takes a hell of a lot of prep and expertise to create the perfect cabinet IR library...

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Celestion Speaker/Cab Impulse Responses

    Format: WAV files

    Celestion have made available impulse responses for a wide range of their classic speakers mounted in 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets, and miked with appropriate single or double mic arrays.

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Morevox Retroverb 3

    WAV Impulse Responses

    Retroverb 3 is a 24‑bit/44.1kHz library of 450 Impulse Responses that can be used with any convolution reverb plug‑in....

    Reviews Nov 2009
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