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Impulse Response (IR) Libraries

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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex guitar amp cabinet modelling pedal impulse response firmware update

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex firmware

    Powerful modelling pedal receives major update

    The latest firmware for Neural DSP's Quad Cortex introduces almost 900 new Neural Captures along with a new Hybrid Mode, a redesigned UI, and much more. 

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    Lese Eigen custom reverb tool export impulse response convolution

    Eigen Space Simulator from Lese

    Plug-in exports custom impulse responses

    Eigen allows users to create their own custom reverbs and export them as impulse responses which can be used in convolution reverb plug-ins. 

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    Bogren Digital Tue Masden Signature IR Pack

    Tue Madsen IR Pack from Bogren Digital

    Guitar cabinet IRs from top metal producer/engineer

    Bogren Digital’s latest release provides a collection of guitar cabinet impulse responses captured by renowned metal producer Tue Madsen.

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    Audio Ease on the Subcontinent

    Gol Gumbaz Impulse Response created for Altiverb

    Audio Ease have been to Bijapur, India to create the latest impulse response for their Altiverb convolution reverb...

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