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    Why I Love... Change

    Emily Lazar

    When Catherine Marks asked me to be a part of this special issue of SOS, I was honoured to be included among this awesome community of women.

    People Sep 2023
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    Award Winning


    The MIDI protocol celebrates its 40th birthday this year, with SOS as official media partners for this year's MIDI Innovation Awards.

    People Jun 2023
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    Peter Wade - Revalver

    Peter Wade - Revalver | Podcast

    Revalving Amplifiers Today

    Peter Wade talks to Paul White about his route into the industry, from starting out as an electronics engineer through to opening his own valve amp repair company, Revalver.

    People May 2023
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    Avid CEO Jeff Rosica 2018

    Avid: Going Forward

    CEO Jeff Rosica

    We speak to Avid CEO Jeff Rosica about how the company have successfully navigated the pandemic and what the future holds....

    People Jun 2021
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    Dean James Barratt

    Mix Engineer Dean James Barratt | Podcast

    My Journey To Here

    Dean James Barratt is a sought-after Mix Engineer based out of The Dairy Studios in London. Dean talks to Sam Inglis about his personal road to becoming a freelance Mix Engineer, what defines that role, tips on making it, and what keeps clients coming back for more.

    People Dec 2020
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    Phil Dudderidge Executive Chairman of Focusrite

    Phil Dudderidge of Focusrite

    The Man Behind The Brand

    Industry veteran Phil Dudderidge, now 70, may have plenty to look back on, but he’s still looking forward as Focusrite enters its 30th year.

    People Aug 2019
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    Ernst Zacharias & The Hohner Clavinet

    Key Man

    Ernst Zacharias invented the Clavinet and has spent a lifetime perfecting electro-mechanical instruments. We talk to him about his life and explore his classic designs.

    People Jun 2016
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    Rupert Neve: The SOS Interview (Video)

    Video Feature

    In this month's video interview  we meet a living legend of the audio industry, Mr Rupert Neve himself. Over 25 minutes, we talk transformers, software modelling, and get the story of how he created the world's first high-Q equaliser.

    People Oct 2015
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    John Chowning

    Pioneer Of Electronic Music & Digital Synthesis

    A visionary in the field of electronic music, John Chowning invented FM synthesis and set up CCMRA, one of the world’s most influential research centres.

    People Sep 2015
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    The Rebirth Of Keith Emerson's Moog Modular

    Second Coming

    The stuff of synthesizer legend, Keith Emerson's megalithic modular system hasn't just been restored — it's also been completely recreated.

    People Jul 2014
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    Richard Gottehrer.

    The Sire Records Story

    Richard Gottehrer & Seymour Stein

    Fifty years after their first hit, the duo who discovered Blondie, the Ramones, Talking Heads and Madonna are still producing great new acts.

    People Mar 2013
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    Bob Williams: The Analogue Systems Story

    Modular Masters

    Who are the most successful British synth manufacturers of all time? Hint: they’re alive and well — and busier than ever...

    People Nov 2012
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    Ray Kurzweil

    The Synth Designer Who Wants To Live Forever

    Ray Kurzweil brought human feeling to digital synthesis, and his ultimate goal is to achieve immortality by fusing human and artificial intelligence. In the meantime, he's returned to Kurzweil Music Systems to oversee the next generation of music technology...

    People Jun 2007
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    Ken Freeman & The Birth Of String Synthesis


    Ken Freeman couldn't afford a Mellotron to play his string parts, so he invented a new kind of electronic instrument. But though the world would eventually embrace string synthesizers with a passion, he never got the credit he deserved.

    People Feb 2007
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    Line 6: Inside the Tone Modelling Factory

    Marcus Ryle • Michel Doidic • Jeff Slingluff

    We go behind the scenes at the home of the Pod and Variax to get the latest on developments in the world of guitar modelling technology.

    People Mar 2006
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    RME Designs

    Matthias Carstens & Stephan Flock

    From simple beginnings as an offshoot of an electronics project, RME have established themselves as well-respected soundcard and recording interface manufacturers whose products usually offer that bit more than those of their competitors. We talk to their head of development about their recent innovations.

    People Jul 2005
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    Thunder: The Band As Business

    Striking Back

    Having been one of the UK's most popular rock acts in the early '90s, Thunder found that record labels were no longer willing or able to promote their releases properly. Now they have taken matters into their own hands, using the Internet and new methods of distribution to get their records back in the charts.

    People Apr 2005
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    AIM: Association Of Independent Music

    Alison Wenham • Steve Johnston

    We would all like to make a living from selling our own music — but how would you actually go about it? The UK-based Association Of Independent Music offer some thoughts on how to cope with the opportunities and pitfalls of the modern music industry.

    People Nov 2004
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    Paul White.

    Keeping Hardware Alive


    Editor In Chief, Paul White, believes that if the manufacturers of studio hardware outboard equipment still want to be building it in significant numbers in five years' time, then a system similar to the one he proposes in this article is the only thing he can see that will keep them in the game. Read on...

    People Nov 2004
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    The Engineers Who Changed Recording

    Fathers Of Invention

    Some of the legendary names in engineering and production didn't just make great records — they also invented equipment and techniques we take for granted today.

    People Oct 2004
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    Kid 606, Cex & The Tigerbeat6 Label

    Tiger Tales

    There's some amazing music being made in bedrooms these days. And bringing it to the wider public is the job of the Tigerbeat6 label, whose stars include label founder Kid 606 and Rjyan Kidwell, aka Cex.

    People Jun 2004


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