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    Klaus Schulze 1999 at Turnkey, London store for the Quasimidi Polymorph launch.

    Klaus Schulze

    Electronic Meditation

    Electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze talks about the way he'd like to see synthesizer design developing over the next few years.

    People Feb 1999
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    How The Music Biz Really Works...


    After years of crafting your music to the peak of perfection, do you think you've now got what it takes to make it big? Big George Webley looks at some of the harsh commercial realities of today's record business, and explains why the path to fame and fortune doesn't end at getting a record deal.

    People Feb 1999
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    NICHOLAS ROWLAND: What Can We Learn From The Beatles?

    Sounding Off

    Nicholas Rowland argues that there's still something we can learn from the Beatles apart from the fact that drummers shouldn't have solo careers.

    People Feb 1999
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