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    Workers’ Rights In The Studio

    Safer Spaces

    Up‑and‑coming engineers and producers deserve protection from exploitation, discrimination and sexual harassment.

    Sound Advice Sep 2023
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    Success In The Studio Business

    Three Tips For Getting Ahead

    A Grammy‑winning engineer shares his secrets.

    Sound Advice Jan 2021
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    Microphones: Designing The Future

    Video Feature

    The designers behind some of today's most innovative studio microphones tell us what we can expect from the mics of tomorrow.

    Sound Advice Mar 2020
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    20 Ways To Create Cash From Your Audio Gear & Skills


    If there's one thing most of us would like to know, it's how to make some extra money — and if we can do it through making music or producing audio, so much the better!

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. Has the EU directive on hazardous substances (RoHS) impacted equipment sales?

    I recently tried to purchase a Marantz CDR500 but I was told that, due to a new EU directive that bans the use of hazardous...

    Sound Advice Nov 2006
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    Q. Do I need to register with royalty collection agencies abroad as well as in the UK?

    Is the German GEMA essentially the same as the MCPS? Does a band putting out its own CDs need to register with different people in different countries, or do these organisations cover all situations?

    Sound Advice Sep 2005
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    An Introduction To mLAN: Part 4

    Audio Networking

    There was quite a buzz about mLAN at the recent American AES audio trade show. Paul Wiffen reports on the latest developments.

    Sound Advice Nov 2000
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    An Introduction To mLAN: Part 3


    After looking at the development of and theory behind mLAN, Paul Wiffen continues his series on the new FireWire-based music and audio protocol with a practical look at the effect it will have on the gear in our studios and how we connect it together.

    Sound Advice Oct 2000
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    An Introduction To mLAN: Part 2


    Last month, Paul Wiffen explained how he heard about mLAN — a new data-transfer protocol which will allow us to send audio, MIDI, and even video down one FireWire connector. This month, he finds out from Yoshi Sawada of Yamaha's mLAN development team how the system is likely to work in practice.

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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    Q. How do I find the music industry career for me?

    I am a second‑year A‑level student doing Music and Electronics and have been a keen musician for 11 years. I...

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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    Enhanced CD Format: Part 2

    How Best To Use It

    Janet Harniman-Cook concludes her two-part feature with a guide to creating your own Enhanced CD.

    Sound Advice Aug 1999
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    How To Become A Recording Engineer: Part 1

    Are You Cut Out For Studio Life?

    Do you want to engineer top acts in top studios? Are you prepared to devote your entire life to music recording? In this new series, David Mellor explains how you can become a professional music recording engineer.

    Sound Advice Apr 1999
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