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    The History Of Korg: Part 3

    40 Years Of Gear

    Cutting-edge innovation is by no means a guarantee of commercial success, but Korg have had a flair for both - although not always simultaneously. We look at how this continued to be true throughout the '90s to the present, when the company pushed the boundaries of physical modelling while refining their world-beating workstations.

    Music Business Dec 2002
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    The History Of Korg: Part 2

    40 Years Of Gear

    In the 1980s and early '90s, with Yamaha's help, Korg expanded dramatically, producing some of the first affordable digital recorders and physical-modelling instruments. But it was their world-class synths, such as the M1 and Wavestation, that made them the company they are today...

    Music Business Nov 2002
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    The History Of Korg: Part 1

    40 Years Of Korg Gear

    Over the 40 years of their existence, Korg have produced a huge variety of groundbreaking music gear, from electronic percussion to industry-standard synths, and from guitar tuners to digital recording workstations. This month, we look back at how it all started...

    Music Business Oct 2002
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