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    Running Your Own Record Label: Part 1

    On The Record

    With record industry cutbacks all round, the prospect of success with a major record label seems more remote than ever for most musicians. So why not start your own? Many of us think about it, but what would you actually need to do? Our new 7-part series tells you...

    Music Business Sep 2002
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    Apple's Emagic Takeover

    The Inside Story Of The Deal That Changed The Music World

    The music technology world changed overnight on June 30th, as Apple announced their acquisition of German sequencer heavyweight Emagic, becoming the first computer manufacturer to own a music software company. Our team brings you the latest news on how and why the deal went through, and what the changes may mean for Emagic and their PC and Mac users.

    Music Business Sep 2002
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    30 Years Of Emu

    The History Of Emu Systems

    A number of hi-tech music manufacturers are celebrating important anniversaries this year and next year. In the first of several articles on these companies, we look at the milestone products made by Emu, who drove the sampling revolution in the '80s.

    Music Business Sep 2002
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    Paul White c.2003

    Apples And Lemons


    Despite rumours that Apple was on the lookout for a major audio company, Apple's buyout of German developers Emagic took us all by surprise...

    People . Sep 2002
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