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    ADAM Audio: Smart Speakers

    Christian Hellinger & Stephan Mauer

    How will producers hear music in years to come? As they celebrate their 20th birthday, ADAM Audio have ambitious plans for the next generation of studio monitors.

    Music Business Dec 2019
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    Phil Dudderidge Executive Chairman of Focusrite

    Phil Dudderidge of Focusrite

    The Man Behind The Brand

    Industry veteran Phil Dudderidge, now 70, may have plenty to look back on, but he’s still looking forward as Focusrite enters its 30th year.

    People Aug 2019
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    Softube: Modelling Hardware In Software

    Oscar Öberg, Arvid Rosén & Niklas Odelholm

    Ever wondered how plug-in companies recreate classic outboard gear in your DAW? We take a peek into Softube's modelling lab to find out.

    Music Business Jun 2019
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