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    The History Of Roland: Part 2


    This month, we see how Roland survived some tricky times at the start of the 1980s, and how founder Ikutaro Kakehashi ensured that they were well-placed to take advantage of technological developments over the following few years.

    Music Business Dec 2004
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    AIM: Association Of Independent Music

    Alison Wenham • Steve Johnston

    We would all like to make a living from selling our own music — but how would you actually go about it? The UK-based Association Of Independent Music offer some thoughts on how to cope with the opportunities and pitfalls of the modern music industry.

    People Nov 2004
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    Paul White.

    Keeping Hardware Alive


    Editor In Chief, Paul White, believes that if the manufacturers of studio hardware outboard equipment still want to be building it in significant numbers in five years' time, then a system similar to the one he proposes in this article is the only thing he can see that will keep them in the game. Read on...

    People Nov 2004
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    The History Of Roland: Part 1


    The Roland name is almost synonymous with music technology — there can't be an SOS reader who has not made use of their instruments at some time. As founder Ikutaro Kakehashi approaches his 75th birthday, we begin a journey through the company's extraordinary history...

    Music Business Nov 2004
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    The Engineers Who Changed Recording

    Fathers Of Invention

    Some of the legendary names in engineering and production didn't just make great records — they also invented equipment and techniques we take for granted today.

    People Oct 2004
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    Alternative Careers For Sound Engineers

    New Directions

    The music industry's down, but your passion for audio is still high. Fortunately, there are alternatives to working in the studio that can feed your fervency and still make you a living — perhaps even a better one.

    Music Business Jul 2004
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    Kid 606, Cex & The Tigerbeat6 Label

    Tiger Tales

    There's some amazing music being made in bedrooms these days. And bringing it to the wider public is the job of the Tigerbeat6 label, whose stars include label founder Kid 606 and Rjyan Kidwell, aka Cex.

    People Jun 2004
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    Vic Keary

    Thermionic Culture Valve Designs

    SOS talks to a British designer who thinks audio in the 21st century is still best served by tube.

    People Jun 2004
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    Hard Drive Size

    Cutting Edge

    Hard drives are getting bigger and that can only be good, right? Well, up to a point...

    Techniques May 2004
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    Educate Your Ears


    If you've never heard top-quality recording gear with your own ears, what reference do you have when assessing mid-price and budget gear?

    People May 2004
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    Mic Manufacturing In The Far East

    Siwei Zou : SE Electronics

    Chinese manufacturing has brought the price of microphones down to levels unthinkable a few years ago. But does the quality suffer accordingly? SOS visited one of the biggest mic companies in China to find out...

    People Feb 2004
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    Digital Music Distribution

    What's In It For Musicians?

    The success of Apple's iTunes Music Store has revitalised online music sales, and not just for the major record labels. Plenty of home-based musicians are now selling music digitally, and making real money. Find out how...

    Music Business Feb 2004
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