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    Q. Do I need to register with royalty collection agencies abroad as well as in the UK?

    Is the German GEMA essentially the same as the MCPS? Does a band putting out its own CDs need to register with different people in different countries, or do these organisations cover all situations?

    Sound Advice Sep 2005
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    RME Designs

    Matthias Carstens & Stephan Flock

    From simple beginnings as an offshoot of an electronics project, RME have established themselves as well-respected soundcard and recording interface manufacturers whose products usually offer that bit more than those of their competitors. We talk to their head of development about their recent innovations.

    People Jul 2005
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    Thunder: The Band As Business

    Striking Back

    Having been one of the UK's most popular rock acts in the early '90s, Thunder found that record labels were no longer willing or able to promote their releases properly. Now they have taken matters into their own hands, using the Internet and new methods of distribution to get their records back in the charts.

    People Apr 2005
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    Modelling Classic Hardware In Software

    Universal Audio's Joe Bryan

    Since Bill Putnam's sons founded Universal Audio anew, the company have become well known for software emulations of old gear, as well as for their hardware recreations of vintage classics. We find out how they go about it...

    Techniques Feb 2005
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