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    20 Ways To Create Cash From Your Audio Gear & Skills


    If there's one thing most of us would like to know, it's how to make some extra money — and if we can do it through making music or producing audio, so much the better!

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Ray Kurzweil

    The Synth Designer Who Wants To Live Forever

    Ray Kurzweil brought human feeling to digital synthesis, and his ultimate goal is to achieve immortality by fusing human and artificial intelligence. In the meantime, he's returned to Kurzweil Music Systems to oversee the next generation of music technology...

    People Jun 2007
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    Ken Freeman & The Birth Of String Synthesis


    Ken Freeman couldn't afford a Mellotron to play his string parts, so he invented a new kind of electronic instrument. But though the world would eventually embrace string synthesizers with a passion, he never got the credit he deserved.

    People Feb 2007
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