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    Dave Smith at Synthplex.

    Farewell to the Father Of MIDI & Prophet polysynths

    Dave Smith (1950 - 2022)

    It is with increasing sadness that we note the passing of this legendary synthesizer pioneer.

    People Jun 2022
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    Why I Love... Keytars

    Atheen Spencer

    It's fair to say that keytars have had bad press over the years. It's my view that this malicious campaign was started by...

    People Aug 2020
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    Ernst Zacharias & The Hohner Clavinet

    Key Man

    Ernst Zacharias invented the Clavinet and has spent a lifetime perfecting electro-mechanical instruments. We talk to him about his life and explore his classic designs.

    People Jun 2016
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    Roger Lyons: Kaiser Chiefs MIDI Tech

    MainStage Keyboard Rig

    Running the keyboard rig for one of the UK's biggest bands is always going to be nerve-wracking — especially when it's all centred on a laptop computer...

    People Aug 2013
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    Designing 'Circuit-Bent' Instruments

    Reed Ghazala

    In these days of sampling, DSP and physical modelling, you might think that building your own electronic instruments would be a daunting prospect. According to Reed Ghazala, however, it's a piece of cake — you don't even need to know how they work. Sam Inglis finds out more.

    People Mar 2000
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    Klaus Schulze: Digital To Analogue Conversion

    German Philosophy

    The Godfather of German electronic music, Klaus Schulze favoured an all-digital approach to recording the '80s. The last few years, however, have seen a radical revision of his former philosophy. Paul Tingen meets the man for whom old working habits die hard...

    People Feb 1996
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