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    Landscape A Go-Go

    Landscape A Go-Go | Podcast

    Richard James Burgess Tells The Story

    Richard James Burgess talks about the recent release of ‘Landscape A Go-Go’, a comprehensive 5 CD anthology of their work covering their entire recorded output between 1977 and 1983.

    People Feb 2024
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    Roland Lamb, CEO of Luminary ROLI

    Inventing the ROLI Seaboard | Podcast

    Redefining Musical Expressiveness

    Roland Lamb talks about the inspiration behind the ROLI Seaboard, the challenges faced when creating a new type of instrument and the three product ranges from ROLI: the Seaboard, Block System and LUMI.

    People Jan 2024
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    Roger Manning

    Keyboard Player & Songwriter

    From co‑founding cult band Jellyfish to writing with Brian Wilson and touring with Beck, Roger Manning has enjoyed an extraordinary career — and a remarkable collection of vintage instruments.

    People Nov 2023
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    Richard Barbieri - Porcupine Tree

    Richard Barbieri - Porcupine Tree | Podcast

    Closure / Continuation

    As part of Japan, Richard Barbieri soon became the thinking person’s synthesist, famous for his rich and textural electronic backings that beautifully complemented the work of other band members to forge what is still a unique sound to this day.

    People Apr 2023
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    Don Lewis

    Don Lewis - Programming The DX7 | Podcast

    Creating The DX7 Factory Presets

    Back in November 2020 Don Lewis discussed his time programming the Yamaha DX7’s factory sounds. In the wake of Don’s passing, we decided to publish this excerpt and put on record his important contribution to this iconic synth.

    People Feb 2023
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    Mike Lindup - Level 42

    Mike Lindup - Level 42 And Beyond

    Talks about his new solo album: Changes 2

    Best known as the keyboardist and co-vocalist for Brit-Funk legends, Level 42, we caught up with Mike Lindup ahead of his new solo release, Changes 2.

    People Feb 2023
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    Spike Edney

    Queen’s Keyboard Player

    For Spike Edney, touring with one of the biggest bands in the world has meant keeping up with the very latest in stage keyboard technology.

    People Jan 2023
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    Dave Smith at Synthplex.

    Farewell to the Father Of MIDI & Prophet polysynths

    Dave Smith (1950 - 2022)

    It is with increasing sadness that we note the passing of this legendary synthesizer pioneer.

    People Jun 2022
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    Why I Love... Keytars

    Atheen Spencer

    It's fair to say that keytars have had bad press over the years. It's my view that this malicious campaign was started by...

    People Aug 2020
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    Ernst Zacharias & The Hohner Clavinet

    Key Man

    Ernst Zacharias invented the Clavinet and has spent a lifetime perfecting electro-mechanical instruments. We talk to him about his life and explore his classic designs.

    People Jun 2016
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    Roger Lyons: Kaiser Chiefs MIDI Tech

    MainStage Keyboard Rig

    Running the keyboard rig for one of the UK's biggest bands is always going to be nerve-wracking — especially when it's all centred on a laptop computer...

    People Aug 2013
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    Designing 'Circuit-Bent' Instruments

    Reed Ghazala

    In these days of sampling, DSP and physical modelling, you might think that building your own electronic instruments would be a daunting prospect. According to Reed Ghazala, however, it's a piece of cake — you don't even need to know how they work. Sam Inglis finds out more.

    People Mar 2000
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    Klaus Schulze: Digital To Analogue Conversion

    German Philosophy

    The Godfather of German electronic music, Klaus Schulze favoured an all-digital approach to recording the '80s. The last few years, however, have seen a radical revision of his former philosophy. Paul Tingen meets the man for whom old working habits die hard...

    People Feb 1996
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