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    The Mechanics Of Keyboards Explained

    Key Notes

    We look at the technology and terminology that underpins all keyboard instruments.

    Sound Advice May 2021
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    Why I Love... Keytars

    Atheen Spencer

    It's fair to say that keytars have had bad press over the years. It's my view that this malicious campaign was started by...

    People Aug 2020
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    Q. How can I best connect several MIDI synths/keyboards to my computer?

    How do I set up my synth collection and computer? I already have everything going through the mixer so I can record audio, but want to have everything working through MIDI...

    Sound Advice Feb 2020
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    Ernst Zacharias & The Hohner Clavinet

    Key Man

    Ernst Zacharias invented the Clavinet and has spent a lifetime perfecting electro-mechanical instruments. We talk to him about his life and explore his classic designs.

    People Jun 2016
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    Roger Lyons: Kaiser Chiefs MIDI Tech

    MainStage Keyboard Rig

    Running the keyboard rig for one of the UK's biggest bands is always going to be nerve-wracking — especially when it's all centred on a laptop computer...

    People Aug 2013
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    Q&A March 2013: Nord keyboard.

    Q. Can you recommend a 73-key stage piano?

    I seem to be the only person in the world who wants an unfussy, weighted stage piano, with — at most — 73 keys. What might you suggest?

    Sound Advice Mar 2013
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    Q. Which digital piano fits my budget?

    I don't have a lot of space or money, but I'm desperate to find a keyboard that I can use for fun and, possibly, for recording...

    Sound Advice Apr 2011
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    Q. Can you suggest a decent all-round keyboard for live use?

    I am in a band that plays live every week. Is there a keyboard out there that concentrates primarily on piano, electric piano, clav and other funky sounds that you would generally want to use in modern tunes?

    Sound Advice Apr 2006
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    Q. Did Mellotrons use tape loops or not?

    I've read some conflicting opinions about the Mellotron. Surely if tape loops are used, the sound would sustain indefinitely. Can you put the record straight?

    Sound Advice Nov 2005
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    Designing 'Circuit-Bent' Instruments

    Reed Ghazala

    In these days of sampling, DSP and physical modelling, you might think that building your own electronic instruments would be a daunting prospect. According to Reed Ghazala, however, it's a piece of cake — you don't even need to know how they work. Sam Inglis finds out more.

    People Mar 2000
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    Klaus Schulze: Digital To Analogue Conversion

    German Philosophy

    The Godfather of German electronic music, Klaus Schulze favoured an all-digital approach to recording the '80s. The last few years, however, have seen a radical revision of his former philosophy. Paul Tingen meets the man for whom old working habits die hard...

    People Feb 1996
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