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    The third revision of Novation's compact LaunchKey Mini controller.

    Novation Launchkey Mini reaches MkIII

    Third-generation controller gains new features, an improved keyboard & added touchstrips

    Novation have issued a MkIII version of their compact controller keyboard, with extra hardware controls and plenty of new features.

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    Novation's new Summit, which debuted the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.

    Summit: Novation’s twin Peaks

    Bi-timbral 16-voice keyboard polysynth gets an early showing at Superbooth 2019

    Described by Novation as  "two Peaks and a keyboard, plus more control", the Summit debuted in Berlin the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.

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    Novation launch flagship SL MkIII controllers

    Novation want you to control everything, including CV...

    Designed to be the control centre of your studio, regardless of whether you’re DAW‑based, controlling...

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