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    Mastering CDs On Your PC

    Recording and mixing an album's worth of tracks is a big enough challenge, but turning the results into a consistent-sounding CD requires specialist tools and skills. The former, at least, are now available to anyone with a Windows PC...

    Techniques Aug 2003
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    Recording A Jazz Band On Location: Part 2

    Stereo Editing & Mastering

    Last month we showed you how to go about recording a complete (jazz) band to stereo on location. Now let's examine the ways in which you can compile and process the different takes to make up a coherent whole.

    Techniques Aug 2003
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    Maximising The Loudness Of Your Masters

    More Of Everything!

    We provide some tips for making your masters sound as loud as commercial tracks, without sacrificing too much sonic quality along the way.

    Techniques Mar 2003
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