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    LABS FreeForm Series Bandcamp fundraising music project

    New LABS FreeForms Series

    Fundraising music project

    A FreeForm Series is a new project which will see artists invited to create a track using LABS instruments, with all of the sales proceeds being donated to charity.

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    DiN record label @ 20

    Celebrating 20 years of the DiN label

    Specialising in Ambient and Electronic Music

    To celebrate the label's 20-year history, owner Ian Boddy is making seven of the DiN sampler albums available for free download (name your price) on the DiN Bandcamp site. See news for details.

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    Samplecraze eBook: Mixing Hip Hop

    Mixing Hip Hop - The Definitive Guide For Producers

    Music production e-learning specialists Samplecraze have launched their latest eBook package: Mixing Hip Hop — The Definitive Guide For Producers.

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    Watch Moritz Simon Geist make robot music

    Robotic musician Geist releases world's first techno record played entirely by self-made robots

    Moritz Simon Geist is a media artist and self-styled...

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    Mix Bus Strategies: The Definitive Guide For Producers

    Author: Eddie Bazil

    A real labour of love, this neatly-zipped 893MB download file expands to nearly 1GB of data, comprising the 185-page e-book itself, 130 audio files, and 17 associated MP4 video tutorials that in themselves provide a total of 3.5 hours of viewing.

    Reviews May 2018
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    Bright Sparks

    Film & Album

    This history of synthesis documentary and album presents the human stories behind the technology that changed the face of electronic music.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Readers' music reviewed.

    This month albums from Kinky Dove, Noah’s Tape, Clarence King & The Regents and the Pete Newman Clarinet Project.

    Reviews Sep 2015
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    Readers' Music Reviewed

    This month we comment on albums by Nick Molyneux, Peter Appleyard and Paul Thomas Butterfield.

    Reviews May 2015
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    Opus 3 Analogue Master Tapes

    Music Catalogue On Analogue Tape

    Why ‘review’ a record company? Well, I believe that Opus 3 are unique in offering quarter-inch tape copies of their analogue tape masters.

    Reviews Mar 2015
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