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    Ear Training Website

    The ability to analyse what you’re hearing is a vital skill for audio engineers. SoundGym is a fun way to hone that ability.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Why I Love... Criticism

    Robin Morley

    Even if some people who hear it loathe your music, there will always be some who adore it. Whether you care about either camp, or just decide to make music to please yourself, is entirely up to you.

    People May 2020
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    Samplecraze Video Tutorials

    Online Resources

    Samplecraze have recently refocused their web site around a host of producer and sound-design video tutorials, with Samplecraze’s founder (and SOS contributor) Eddie Bazil at the helm.

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Learn Digital Audio: Nebula Explained Professional

    Online Training Course

    Acustica Audio’s Nebula software is brimful of potential, and this course should help you realise a bit more of it.

    Reviews Nov 2014
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    SoundOut Online Evaluation Music Service

    We all want to know what the man on the Clapham Omnibus really thinks of our music. Now we can find out — and have his opinions statistically analysed into the bargain.

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    On-line Mastering Services Shootout: Part 2

    The Follow-Up

    A new business model for mastering houses allows you to submit tracks via the Web and pay on-line. Last month, we embarked on a unique test of these services. This month: the results are in...

    Techniques Apr 2006
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    On-line Mastering Services Shootout: Part 1

    Web Masters

    A new business model based around the Internet promises to make professional mastering more convenient — and much more affordable. But is on-line mastering a real alternative or a false economy? We put the UK's leading services to the test.

    Techniques Mar 2006
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    Creating A Website: Part 6

    Tips & Tricks

    Mike Simmons concludes his serious on designing and cosntructing a web site by answering some of the mant reader queries received in response to earlier instalments.

    Techniques Dec 1999
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    Creating A Website: Part 5

    Tips & Tricks

    Mike Simmons ties up some loose ends with some words on browser compatibility, a look at other Internet music other than Real Audio, and a brief guide to using frames on your site.

    Techniques Nov 1999
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    Creating A Website: Part 2

    Tips & Tricks

    Mike Simmons continues his introduction to web design for musicians with a more detailed look at the most important HTML tags, and explains how, when and in what form to use graphics on your site.

    Techniques Aug 1999
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    Creating A Website: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Computers have always been important in the hi-tech studio for sequencing and, latterly, recording audio. They can, however, be equally useful for publicising and distributing your music, if you're connected to the Internet. Mike Simmons explains the basics of setting up a web site from a musician's perspective.

    Techniques Jul 1999
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