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    Drum Sound And Drum Tuning

    Book Review

    Drums are crucial to the sound of so many records, but they’re more complex instruments than most people imagine.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Classical Recording: A Practical Guide In The Decca Tradition

    Book Review

    For anyone with an interest in recording classical performances of any form — whether they’re an amateur, a professional or an academic — this is absolutely essential reading.

    Reviews Mar 2021
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    Book Review: Major Label Mastering

    The Professional Mastering Process by Evren Göknar

    Mastering is often considered a mysterious black art, but while there is certainly a lot of artistry involved Evren Göknar’s book (Routledge/Focal Press) dispels the mystery in a very readable and understandable way.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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