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    Samplecraze Mixing Pop Music video course logo

    'Mixing Pop Music' video course from

    How to mix and produce a commercial friendly pop mix

    The best way to explain how to mix a pop song is to actually mix a pop song, from start to finish! Spanning five hours and 24 videos...

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    Samplecraze Studio & Multi Effects Masterclass

    Studio & Multi Effects Masterclass released by Samplecraze

    5+ hours of video plus 200-page eBook

    Comprises the highly-acclaimed Creative Effects eBook plus over 5 hours of video tutorials spread across 30 videos!

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    Samplecraze release Low End Compilation

    Save on new package containing best-selling eBooks and video tutorial

    Do you want to learn how to construct killer beats, process epically low bass lines and lay down savage rhythms? If so, read on...

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    Samplecraze eBook: Mixing Hip Hop

    Mixing Hip Hop - The Definitive Guide For Producers

    Music production e-learning specialists Samplecraze have launched their latest eBook package: Mixing Hip Hop — The Definitive Guide For Producers.

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    Mix Bus Strategies: The Definitive Guide For Producers

    Author: Eddie Bazil

    A real labour of love, this neatly-zipped 893MB download file expands to nearly 1GB of data, comprising the 185-page e-book itself, 130 audio files, and 17 associated MP4 video tutorials that in themselves provide a total of 3.5 hours of viewing.

    Reviews May 2018
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    Save 40% on new MixBus Strategies e-book

    Exclusive £10 discount on MixBus Strategies book from SOS contributor Eddie Bazil

    Long-time SOS contributor and Samplecraze founder Eddie Bazil has launched a brand new e-book entitled MixBus Strategies, and he's giving SOS readers an exclusive 40% discount for the next 7 days.

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    Samplecraze Video Tutorials

    Online Resources

    Samplecraze have recently refocused their web site around a host of producer and sound-design video tutorials, with Samplecraze’s founder (and SOS contributor) Eddie Bazil at the helm.

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Samplecraze offer 130 new tutorials on relaunched site

    Founder calls upon 30+ year experience (DJ Shadow, Native Instruments) for new video

    Samplecraze have announced the launch of a new web site with hundreds of new music production tutorial videos...

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    Samplecraze Low End

    eBook Review

    This extensive and in-depth eBook explains so much more than how to process your kicks and bass sounds!

    Reviews Jan 2015
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