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    Routledge free online audio engineering recording mixing sampling DJ performance techniques book e-book offer

    Routledge audio engineering books offer

    Free online access to four titles

    Routledge are offering free online access to a bundle of four books covering acoustics, recording, sampling, and mixing until the end of January 2023.

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    Soundation Beatmaker online collaborative sequencer sampler DAW

    Soundation launch Beatmaker

    Collaborative online production platform

    Beatmaker from Soundation is a new online sequencer and sampler which allows users to collaborate in real time via their internet browser.

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    Akai Professional instrument history book kickstarter campaign

    The Rise of Akai Professional

    Kickstarter campaign to fund Akai book

    David Caulfield has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a book detailing the development of the Akai Professional products that put sampling and sequencing into the reach of musicians. 

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    The Sampling Handbook

    eBook Review

    I’ve been dabbling in creating my own sample-based instruments in Kontakt over the last few years — one day, I...

    Reviews Mar 2017
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