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    Video: Exploring the first Buchla 100 synthesizer

    In-depth look at Don Buchla's first ever modular synth

    Sarah Belle Reid has released a video that offers an explanation and demonstration of the first ever modular synthesizer created by legendary designer Don Buchla.

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    TiME free music technology educational resources

    Free educational resources from TiME

    Raising awareness of music technology

    Technology in Music Education is an organisation that aims to offer everyone with access to free music technology resources.

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    Routledge free online audio engineering recording mixing sampling DJ performance techniques book e-book offer

    Routledge audio engineering books offer

    Free online access to four titles

    Routledge are offering free online access to a bundle of four books covering acoustics, recording, sampling, and mixing until the end of January 2023.

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    Sound Particles eBook translated into 4 new languages

    Sound Particles eBook translated into four new languages

    Immersive Audio eBook now in French, German, Korean and Spanish

    “All You Need To Know About 3D Audio” eBook is now available for free in French, German, Korean and Spanish translations.

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    Ableton Learning Synths update

    Ableton update Learning Synths

    Free interactive synthesis learning tool

    Update allows users to export work from their browser straight to Ableton Live software.

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    Ear Training Website

    The ability to analyse what you’re hearing is a vital skill for audio engineers. SoundGym is a fun way to hone that ability.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Samplecraze Video Tutorials

    Online Resources

    Samplecraze have recently refocused their web site around a host of producer and sound-design video tutorials, with Samplecraze’s founder (and SOS contributor) Eddie Bazil at the helm.

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Alan Parsons: Art & Science Of Sound Recording

    Instructional Videos

    If you want an education in all things audio, could you ask for a more qualified teacher than Alan Parsons?

    Reviews Mar 2011
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    The Music Producer's Handbook

    Book & DVD

    Matt Houghton has a read of a manual which gives all kinds of tips to those looking to get into music production.

    Reviews Feb 2011
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