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    The Mix Review: January 2020

    Commercial Productions Analysed

    To help you brush up on your listening skills, we examine the production of recent hits by Dominic Fike, Harry Styles, Joel Corry plus a 1995 classic mix from Oasis.

    People Jan 2020
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    Book Review | Classic Keys: Keyboard Sounds That Launched Rock Music

    by Alan S. Lenhoff & David E. Robertson

    The authors are both devoted admirers (and experienced users) of classic keyboards and, together, they have created a marvellously impressive book detailing these instruments in great depth and breadth.

    Reviews Jan 2020
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    Book Review | An Introduction To Writing Music For Television

    Book Author: Michael Kruk

    If you're looking for some initial insights into the creative stage of writing music to picture, then Michael Kruk's new book might be just what you need.

    Reviews Jan 2020
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