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    The Secrets Of Spotify's Studio


    Spotify At Mateo isn't your average recording studio. Designed to support the Spotify Singles programme and provide facilities for podcasters, it's an epic build that is stuffed to the gills with the best vintage and modern gear.

    Music Business Sep 2022
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    Abbey Road Studios cutting lathe

    Cutting Vinyl At Abbey Road


    SOS visits the world’s most famous studio, Abbey Road, to discover how the ones and zeros in a digital recording get turned into grooves on a vinyl record.

    Music Business Apr 2022
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    Preparing Your CD For Manufacturing

    Avoiding The Pitfalls

    Ever thought about releasing your own album or single? We explain the ins and outs of producing a small batch of CDs.

    Music Business Jan 2007
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    Distributing Your Music Online

    Today The Bedroom, Tomorrow The World!

    Thanks to iTunes, online music distribution is a reality — but can you really use it to make money from your own music?

    Music Business Aug 2006
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