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    Craig's new 55,000-word eBook.

    Check out SOS contributor Craig Anderton's new book!

    The Big Book of Studio One Tips & Tricks is available now

    This new 55,000-word eBook from SOS contributor Craig Anderton is aimed at power users of PreSonus's Studio One DAW.

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    Pedal Crush is published in a similar format to Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak.

    A celebration of stompboxes: Pedal Crush published

    Author of Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak unveils new book focused on guitar pedals

    The new book from Patch & Tweak author Kim Bjørn focuses on stompboxes and how to get creative with them.

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    Richard Watson, who has played for Beth Ditto and Becky Hill, is just one of the session musicians whose services are available through SMR.

    Sonic Mud Records announce remote collaboration platform

    Put contributions from real musicians on your tracks remotely via the cloud!

    SMR's new website and cloud collaboration platform allow you to add contributions from real musicians and producers to your tracks.

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    From DAW To Score by Tristan Noon

    PDF eBook

    Inside you're rewarded with a very good dose of common-sense advice for those just getting to grips with the world of film and TV music creation.

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Samplecraze's Vocal Masterclass series of video tutorials is out now.

    Samplecraze get vocal with new masterclass

    20 new videos, totalling nearly four hours of vocal-related tutorials, now available for under £25

    Online and video tutorial specialist Samplecraze have turned their attention to vocal production with their new four-hour video masterclass.

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    Book: So You Want To Become A Media Composer?

    Book Author: Adonis Aletras

    This book claims to be "the most comprehensive guide to becoming successful in the Film/TV/Media industry, as told by 65 thriving professionals in mini interviews."

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    DiN record label @ 20

    Celebrating 20 years of the DiN label

    Specialising in Ambient and Electronic Music

    To celebrate the label's 20-year history, owner Ian Boddy is making seven of the DiN sampler albums available for free download (name your price) on the DiN Bandcamp site. See news for details.

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    Routledge's offer to SOS readers.

    Publishing house offers free eBooks to SOS readers

    Routledge/Focal Press makes sound production texts available until May 19th

    International publisher Routledge, owner of UK company Focal Press, is making six eBooks available for...

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    Patch & Tweak

    Book Review

    The team behind Push Turn Move shift their attention to modular synthesis.

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Loudspeakers For Music Recording And Reproduction

    (Philip Newell & Keith Holland: 2nd Edition) Book Review

    The first edition of Loudspeakers was published in 2007 but now, with the much revised and expanded second edition, we have reason to give it the formal SOS review treatment...

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Samplecraze's 21-part EQ Masterclass is available now.

    Samplecraze: equalisation explained

    21-video course aims to demystify EQ, with theoretical and practical examples

    The latest four-hour video-based series of tutorials from Samplecraze has the humble EQ in its sights.

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    Mixing With Impact — Learning To Make Musical Choices

    Written by Wessel Oltheten: Book Review

    This book's 350 pages are packed with useful ideas, up-to-date, well-marshalled information, and great conceptual explanations backed up with lots of useful diagrams.

    Reviews Mar 2019
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