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Microphones / Miking

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    Stewart Tavener - Extinct Audio Microphones

    Extinct Audio Microphones - Stewart Tavener | Podcast

    British Ribbon Microphone Manufacturer

    Stewart Tavener from Extinct Audio and Xaudia chats to Drew Stephenson about the origins of his companies and how he became a ribbon microphone specialist.

    People Jun 2021
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    For The Love Of Mic


    No‑one can tell you exactly what to buy without knowing more about your circumstances, your preferences, your studio and the things you’re likely to be recording. And the best person to come up with those answers is you.

    People Mar 2021
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    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio

    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio Forum | Podcast

    SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns chats to Mirek Stiles about the Spatial Audio Forum and how everyone can get involved in creating 3D audio environments using basic recording equipment.

    People Feb 2021
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    Audio Test Kitchen still 1

    Audio Test Kitchen - The Ultimate Mic Comparison

    Video Feature

    We go behind the scenes of the most ambitious microphone comparison project ever attempted.


    People May 2020
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    Peter Freedman • Rode Microphones

    The Wizard Of Oz

    Australian manufacturers Rode started off making their mics with imported Far Eastern components, but as SOS's Editor In Chief found out on a visit to Sydney, these days their products are entirely conjured up in the land down under...

    People Aug 2005
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