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Microphones / Miking

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    For the brightest sound, place the mic ‘on axis’ (firing directly at the speaker), and aiming at the centre of the speaker cone.

    How To Record Guitar Cabs With One Mic

    Cab Miking

    If you’re new to recording, it often pays to keep things simple, and when it comes to guitar cabs that means learning how to get the best sound with only one microphone.

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    Stewart Tavener - Extinct Audio Microphones

    Extinct Audio Microphones - Stewart Tavener | Podcast

    British Ribbon Microphone Manufacturer

    Stewart Tavener from Extinct Audio and Xaudia chats to Drew Stephenson about the origins of his companies and how he became a ribbon microphone specialist.

    People Jun 2021
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    An Introduction To Binaural Recording

    Use Your Head

    Binaural recordings are an easy and effective way to capture immersive audio.

    Techniques . Apr 2021
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    For The Love Of Mic


    No‑one can tell you exactly what to buy without knowing more about your circumstances, your preferences, your studio and the things you’re likely to be recording. And the best person to come up with those answers is you.

    People Mar 2021
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    Choosing & Using Microphone Polar Patterns

    Polar Exploration

    Choose a mic with the optimum polar pattern for the job, and you’re halfway to capturing a great recording.

    Techniques . Mar 2021
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    How To Mic Anything

    Get A Decent Result Every Time!

    Recording an instrument you’ve not encountered before can seem daunting. Here’s a rule of thumb that guarantees a decent result every time.

    Techniques . Mar 2021
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    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio

    Abbey Road Studios Spatial Audio Forum | Podcast

    SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns chats to Mirek Stiles about the Spatial Audio Forum and how everyone can get involved in creating 3D audio environments using basic recording equipment.

    People Feb 2021
  • Techniques Feb 2021
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    Recording Drum Kits With Only Two Mics

    Five Miking Techniques

    While experimenting with ‘minimal’ drum‑miking setups during a recent lockdown, the author found them really inspiring and captured some great drum sounds. So is it time you re-evaluated the decisions you make when recording a kit?

    Techniques Feb 2021
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    The Gerzon Array

    Stereo Miking Configuration

    We introduce a little‑known mic configuration that has some unique advantages over more familiar stereo arrays.

    Techniques Nov 2020
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    Mike Senior positioning microphones.

    Why NOT To Use Cardioid Mics! - Mike Senior | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    Cardioid mics are tremendously popular amongst recording musicians, but can also work against you. In this episode, Mike Senior explains some of the reasons why, and illustrates how omni and figure‑eight patterns can often give more useful results.

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    Audio Test Kitchen still 1

    Audio Test Kitchen - The Ultimate Mic Comparison

    Video Feature

    We go behind the scenes of the most ambitious microphone comparison project ever attempted.


    People May 2020
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    Session Notes: Piano + Drums Together

    The Practical Craft Of Recording

    How do you record a piano and drum kit in a modest live room, at the same time? Our engineer explains his approach...

    Techniques Mar 2020
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    Session Notes: Piano + Drums | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    Take a listen to these audio examples created when recording a piano and drum kit in a modest live room, at the same time.

    Techniques Mar 2020
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    Introduction To Mid-Sides Recording

    Stereo Recording Techniques

    M‑S miking is easy to set up, offers plenty of options at mixdown, and has some unique advantages over other stereo arrays. So if you've not yet tried it, why not give it a go?

    Techniques Mar 2020
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    Get The Most Out Of Your Upright Piano: Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    These audio examples accompany our Upright Piano miking workshop from SOS December 2019.

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Get The Most Out Of Your Upright Piano

    Upright: Done Right!

    With a little TLC and the right miking technique, even the most neglected piano can produce great recordings.

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Session Notes: Multi-purpose Recordings

    The Practical Craft of Recording

    Our engineer records a rock trio while trying also to offer sufficient options to create a drum sample library!

    Techniques Apr 2019
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    Choosing A Vocal Microphone For The Stage

    Top Front-Of-House Engineers Reveal Their Favourites

    Top FOH engineers tell us which stage vocal mics they recommend — and why!

    Techniques Jan 2018
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    The Double Mid-Sides Array

    On The Double

    M-S miking is already a versatile technique, but it can be built upon to provide surround-sound recording and a whole lot more besides!

    Techniques Jun 2017
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    Session Notes: Winchester College Quiristers

    Three Wings: The Challenges Of Recording Plainsong

    Recording the Winchester College Quiristers with a view to bringing their plainsong performances to a wider audience presented a unique challenge!

    Techniques Nov 2016


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