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Microphones / Miking

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    Daniel Blackmer of Earthworks Audio

    Earthworks Audio | Podcast

    Extended Range Microphones

    Daniel Blackmer, Director of Engineering at Earthworks Audio, explains the company's distinctive approach to microphone design.

    Music Business Dec 2021
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    The BPT Array

    Blumlein‑Pfanzagl‑Triple Mic Array In Action

    The creator of the Blumlein‑Pfanzagl‑Triple mic array describes its development, as well as its use at a recent Salzburg Festival event.

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    Mars Rover Mission 2020

    Sound From Mars With DPA Microphones | Podcast

    Behind The Brand

    René Mørch of DPA Microphones chats to Sam Inglis about DPA's involvement in the NASA Mars 2020 mission.

    Music Business Nov 2021
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    Proximity Effect

    In Theory And In Practice

    We all know that close miking boosts the low end. But why? New research from DPA Microphones explains that some instruments are more affected by proximity effect than others.

    Techniques Nov 2021
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    Two-mic Guitar Tracking

    Cab Miking Tips & Techniques

    Many classic electric guitar sounds have been captured using just one microphone. So when and why might you use more?

    Techniques Oct 2021
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    For the brightest sound, place the mic ‘on axis’ (firing directly at the speaker), and aiming at the centre of the speaker cone.

    How To Record Guitar Cabs With One Mic

    Cab Miking

    If you’re new to recording, it often pays to keep things simple, and when it comes to guitar cabs that means learning how to get the best sound with only one microphone.

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    An Introduction To Binaural Recording

    Use Your Head

    Binaural recordings are an easy and effective way to capture immersive audio.

    Techniques Apr 2021
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    Choosing & Using Microphone Polar Patterns

    Polar Exploration

    Choose a mic with the optimum polar pattern for the job, and you’re halfway to capturing a great recording.

    Techniques Mar 2021
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    How To Mic Anything

    Get A Decent Result Every Time!

    Recording an instrument you’ve not encountered before can seem daunting. Here’s a rule of thumb that guarantees a decent result every time.

    Techniques Mar 2021
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    Recording Drum Kits With Only Two Mics

    Five Miking Techniques

    While experimenting with ‘minimal’ drum‑miking setups during a recent lockdown, the author found them really inspiring and captured some great drum sounds. So is it time you re-evaluated the decisions you make when recording a kit?

    Techniques Feb 2021
  • Techniques Feb 2021
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