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MIDI Interfaces

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    Yamaha i88X

    mLAN Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface [PC/Mac]

    Yamaha's list of mLAN products continues to grow, and their rackmounting i88X offers high-quality mic preamps, analogue, digital and MIDI I/O in a 1U rack unit.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    Yamaha 01X

    Firewire Interface, Digital Mixer & Control Surface

    Yamaha's 01X is a digital mixer, hardware controller, audio and MIDI interface that promises an unprecedented level of integration with PC/Mac computer-based DAWs. But can this one silver box really do it all?

    Reviews Mar 2004
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    Yamaha UX256

    USB MIDI Interface

    Derek Johnson tries out a new multi-port USB MIDI interface that's also designed to allow connection of serial-port gear.

    Reviews Nov 2000
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