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MIDI Interfaces

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    ESI Pro ESP1010

    PCI Audio Interface [PC]

    If you are on a tight budget, ESI's new PCI audio and MIDI interface gives you more ins and outs for less money. But how does it stack up sound-wise against its pricier competitors?

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Tascam FW1082

    Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface / Control Surface [Mac/PC]

    Joining the growing market for one-box devices that combine audio and MIDI interfacing with control-surface functionality, Tascam's latest Firewire unit might be all you need for multitrack recording and mixing.

    Reviews May 2005
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    Behringer BCA2000

    USB 2.0 Audio & MIDI Interface

    Completing Behringer's B-Control family, the BCA2000 combines audio and MIDI interfacing with routing/mixing features, and preamps — and all for under £200.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Presonus Firepod

    Firewire Recording Interface [Mac/PC]

    Unlike most eight-channel interfaces, the Presonus Firepod includes eight mic preamps — at a very appealing price.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Guillemot Hercules 1612FW

    Firewire Audio Interface [Mac/PC]

    The much-anticipated Hercules 1612FW Firewire interface supplies an impressive quotient of analogue I/O at a very attractive price.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Echo Layla 3G

    Multi-channel PCI Audio & MIDI Interface [PC/Mac]

    Echo's range of computer hardware has always been popular with musicians, and the company have now launched the third generation of their Layla and Gina multi-channel audio and MIDI interfaces.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    Yamaha i88X

    mLAN Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface [PC/Mac]

    Yamaha's list of mLAN products continues to grow, and their rackmounting i88X offers high-quality mic preamps, analogue, digital and MIDI I/O in a 1U rack unit.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    Edirol FA101

    Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface [PC/Mac]

    Edirol's first foray into Firewire audio is a compact 10-in, 10-out device with microphone preamps, S/PDIF and MIDI.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

    Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface

    Until recently, the benefits of the high-bandwidth IEEE 1394 interface were available only to musicians on a relatively generous budget, but now M Audio are making Firewire peripherals available at new low prices to PC and Mac users.

    Reviews May 2004
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    M-Audio Firewire 410

    Firewire Recording Interface [Mac/PC]

    M-Audio have broken a price barrier with their Firewire 410, which is easily the most affordable Firewire recording interface on the market.

    Reviews Mar 2004
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    Yamaha 01X

    Firewire Interface, Digital Mixer & Control Surface

    Yamaha's 01X is a digital mixer, hardware controller, audio and MIDI interface that promises an unprecedented level of integration with PC/Mac computer-based DAWs. But can this one silver box really do it all?

    Reviews Mar 2004
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    Tascam FW1884

    Firewire Control Surface, Audio & MIDI Interface

    The FW1884 is more than just a well-specified Firewire audio and MIDI interface: it also offers detailed control over almost every MIDI + Audio sequencer thanks to its motorised faders, rotary controls, transport buttons and more.

    Reviews Nov 2003
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    Tascam US122

    USB Audio & MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    The baby of Tascam's US range of interfaces dispenses with its big brothers' control faders, but does boast stereo audio I/O with phantom power supplied over USB, as well as MIDI I/O.

    Reviews Oct 2003
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    Edirol Audio Capture UA700

    USB Audio + MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    Much more than just an audio and MIDI interface, Edirol's UA700 also incorporates a preamp with DSP effects, microphone and guitar amp modelling.

    Reviews Dec 2002
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    Tascam US224

    Control Surface, USB Audio & MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    With their latest recording tool, Tascam aim to entice hobbyists away from their cassette multitrackers and onto their computers.

    Reviews Nov 2002
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    Edirol DA2496

    Audio Interface [Mac/PC]

    Edirol are best known for their desktop music products, but they're heading into the professional arena with the DA2496, a high-quality eight-channel audio interface with a PCI card and breakout box.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    Edirol UM880

    Eight-in/Eight-out USB MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    Edirol's latest offering is a well-specified multi-port USB MIDI interface which claims to offer excellent timing.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    Steinberg Midex 3

    MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    Midex 3 is a one-in, three-out USB MIDI interface employing their Linear Time Base technology, first used in the larger Midex 8.

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    Steinberg Midex 8

    MIDI Interface

    Musicians using Mac and PC sequencers often complain about loose MIDI timing. Martin Walker checks out an interface from Steinberg which should solve this problem — at least for users of their sequencing software...

    Reviews May 2001
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    Emagic AMT8

    8-port MIDI Interface

    Colin Owen rediscovers the joys of Atari-tight timing on his blue G3 Mac with Emagic's AMT8 interface, featuring their new Active MIDI Transmission.

    Reviews Jan 2000


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